After nearly working 12 years for Realdolmen as an integration consultant, I have started my own firm “De Beir-Perquy Consultancy. The values experience, trust & craftmanship gained at Realdolmen are being further pursued at De Beir-Perquy Consultancy.

Before my current position as an Integration Architect/BizTalk Consultant, I got acquainted with BizTalk Server during my internship at Realdolmen. After a thorough training of six months, I started at the former Dexia (Belfius) as BizTalk consultant. During the 2 years I have maintained the BizTalk Server environments and developed several projects using BizTalk Server.

I gained experience with EDI (TELEBIB2 standard) implementation during the project for the insurance broker Groupe Alliance, where TELEBIB2 messages from different providers must be stored in a CRM 2011 application. The full TELEBIB2 standard has been implemented. All this to replace the current highly interconnected partner environment.

At AZ Damiaan, UZ Gent, AZ Sint-Lucas and AZ Sint-Jan, I have gained experience in the Healthcare sector.

At Vlerick Management School, I implemented a BizTalk Server in conjunction with a service layer for the Viper project. The VIPER project is a combination of Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Business Intelligence and BizTalk Server.

At Federal Justice, I have designed the integration architecture (BizTalk / SOA Services), using technologies as BizTalk Server, WCF, AppFabric and MSMQ and taking into account the high availability requirements. The implementation has been handled by the RealDolmen team and myself.